Licensed to drive

Private Hire License (Operator)

As a company who operate Private Hire Vehicles we must be licensed as an operator as well as having individually licensed drivers. A private Hire Operator’s License allow’s us to accept pre booked work. Always check that the company you book with holds the correct and valid license. Failure to do so would result in traveling in uninsured vehicles.

Private Hire License (Driver)

All KPD staff are fully licensed by Daventry District Council, before a badge is given to the driver they must undergo a knowledge test on the local area, so you can be sure that our driver’s will take via the most direct route.

All driver’s must be assessed medically every 3 years, or every year in some cases. Without passing this medical examination Daventry District Council will not issue or re-issue a Private Hire Badge.

For every passenger’s safety, all Private hire Driver’s must be checked by the criminal records bureau every 3 years. We take customer safety very seriously so on top of this, we carry out our own checks too.

So if you need to move a large party, an elderly relative or you’re children rely on KPD to provide the safest possible way.

Never make a booking directly with your driver, all bookings MUST come through the office. A driver who accepts bookings privately WILL NOT BE INSURED TO CARRY YOU!